Heaven Skatepark Appreciation Day!

Join us this Saturday from Noon to 6pm for Heaven Skatepark Appreciation Day. We will be honoring Jamie Dolce aka “Frog”, who named the park “Heaven” twenty years ago and also honor Kelly Fornez for stepping up and taking responsibility in the park’s first year by keeping the park clean.

IMG_20151025_163506Since opening in July 2014, the park is a daily hub of activity and is one of the most vibrant places in downtown Hartford. It has been nationally recognized as a skate spot and home to some of the best aerosol art in the region. The Friends of Heaven Skatepark is a group born out of the legacy of the Hartford Skateboarding Task Force with a mission to maintain, promote, program and encourage the free use of the New Ross, County Wexford Park and Heaven Skatepark by providing a space that fosters grassroots arts, recreation and culture for Hartford youth and residents.



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Skate Competition This Weekend


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Vertical Garden Unveiling and Skate Competition


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Cleanup this Sunday

After a tough winter, things are back up and running at Heaven Skatepark in downtown Hartford. To prepare for a packed summer of skateboarding, BMX, graffiti and music, the Friends of Heaven Skatepark are organizing a cleanup this Sunday (May 3) at 11am at the park to ensure its resplendence. The cleanup will last until about 1pm and then we’ll have some pizza for lunch. We’ll provide some tools, gloves and bags, but please bring whatever other tools and gear you think will make the cleanup go more smoothly for you.

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Poptart fundraiser really going to happen this time

It’s taken all the way to Spring, but it looks it’s finally not going to snow and postpone the fundraiser again. So, same location as the two previous posts, but the date and time are now: Saturday, March 21 6pm-11pm. Hope to see you there.

Here’s a link to the Facebook page.

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Can’t make the event on the 14th?[!] [Postponed AGAIN!]

***POSTPONED again due to more snow***

We’ll update when we have a new date. Please be sure to donate via gofundme in the meantime.

It’s that our upcoming fundraiser is now on Valentine’s Day. And while I can’t think of anything more romantic than music and dancing, maybe you’re a French restaurant stick in the mud. However, you can still donate to Pop Tart and Moses’ legal fund via the internet. We made a gofundme site and you can check it out here. Our total goal is $1000 and we’re confident that we can get there with your help.

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Poptart fundraiser [POSTPONED to Feb. 14!]

***Details to follow and new flyer for the rescheduled event. Stupid snow.


We’re holding a fundraiser for Poptart’s legal defense fund this Saturday at Charter Oak Cultural center. Doors open at 6pm. See all the details in the flyer below.


Poptart fundraiser

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Hours and lights




Some good on the light front. Starting at some point soon, the lights will be on and until 8pm. My understanding is that this has been communicated to the police. If you’re in the park after 8pm, you may still run afoul of the police.

Also, soon to be installed in the park are signs that give a broad outline of the park’s dos and don’ts. It’s just obvious stuff to remind people not to little, paint on areas other than the walls and that they are using the skatepark at their own risk. Nothing heavy handed. There also appears to be a typo on the signs. It’s the sign maker’s fault, not ours.

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Don’t let them take this away from us

This map is a of the DoNo development plan for the area just north of the skatepark. Those of you who have been following this in the news probably are more familiar with it as the stadium project. The stadium project that was approved by the City Council last week. If you look at the bottom, there’s an area called “Gateway Park”. It’s not a park that you may have heard of, because you know it by its more popular name of “Heaven” or a little less well known name of “New Ross, County Wexford Park”.  While this map does not depict a skatepark, it does show some green and some buildings. The logical conclusion is that the development plan contemplates a Downtown North area without a skatepark and some pablum, useless space to welcome gentrifiers.

We’re not going to stand for this. Those of us in the Friends of the Park group have attended a few hearings and asked the Council for more information on the fate of the park. We have received zero response. We’ve also told them not to remove the park. As it stands right now, it’s the only vitality in that area and it seems moronic to delete the one thing there that works and is positive.

We aren’t getting anywhere, so we need your help. The stadium project is going to roll forward, but we can’t let it roll over us. Contact the City Council & Mayor and tell them to hold Heaven Skatepark harmless. We just invested $160,000 in this park and its popularity is staggering. Knocking it down is the last thing this City needs to do.

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Finally open



If you were there on Saturday, you had a great time. If not, the park is open dawn to dusk 365 days a year and you can still have a great time. There might not be as many elected officials, marching bands or DJ’s, but it should still be pretty fun.

Also, we wanted to reiterate our thanks to Mark Tamaccio, city architect. This project would have foundered without him.

Here’s a round up of pictures and articles (send us an email or post a link in the comments section if you have any of your own. I saw lots of cameras out, so I’m sure there’s some good pictures and videos out there):

Real Hartford

Hartford Courant article & Eye Contact blog post

Pictures Brendan took

Shanta Wiley LTE

Thumbs Up Editorial

Mark’s pictures

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